Top five tips to removals from Portugal back to the UK

If you need to move some or all of your possessions from Portugal back to the UK, you have a number of options, and many things to think about.

Moving back to the UK

It makes good sense to consider all the ways to move your belongings before making a final decision on how to do so, as you could waste a lot of money choosing the wrong option.


Here are five tips to help you with your decision:


  1. Consider driving yourself

Driving your possessions back is always an option, and if you only have small items AND a car you wish to take to the UK, it’s the only sensible one.

However, there’s also the possibility of buying a vehicle in Portugal specifically for the purpose. Plenty of people drive UK-registered cars and vans to Portugal and then look to sell them rather than pay for matriculation, so you may pick up a bargain—just make sure you are suitably insured and “road-legal” for every part of your journey.


  1. Ask on the forums

Expat forums and social networking groups can be good places to find people with some vehicle space who will be willing to help you get your things back to the UK.

Just be careful of whom you trust. Recently a forum member told an anecdotal tale of someone who had entered into one of these arrangements and never seen their possessions again!


  1. Think carefully about what to take

Sometimes it makes no financial sense to cart bulky items back to the UK when it would be cheaper to replace them there.

For every item you need to take back, have a think about whether it might make more sense to sell it in Portugal and re-buy a replacement back in the UK.


  1. Research the removal firms

There are plenty of removal firms who work between the UK and Portugal, but it makes sense to research them and find out where exactly they are based in both countries.

For example, using a firm based in the Algarve and Essex could be foolish if you’re moving items from Central Portugal to Northern England. If you’re going to use a firm of this kind, try to find one local to you in both countries.


  1. Always ask for recommendations

Always make sure you do some kind of background check on anyone you use to help with removals, whether it’s a big-name firm, or an independent “man with a van.”


Once again, forums and Facebook groups are a good place to start, as everyone will be happy to share positive experiences and keen to warn you off companies who have let them down.

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